There’s no doubt that music festivals are great fun, and of course, one of the best places to spend the day people watching! From the ravers to the selfie lovers and the ever useful over-preparers – here’s six of the many types of people you’ll find at a festival…

The veteran hippie

Not shy of offering a few free hugs, this festival goer can often be found hanging out next to their camper van, lying down staring at the stars in the sky, dancing on the edge of crowds or even playing their own guitar around the campfire. The leather shawls, tie-dye shirts, moccasins and headbands give it away, in addition to their super chill temperament, forged from many years of festival attendance.

The raver

Not just a one size fits all festival type, the raver comes in many forms – from furry neon boots and bikinis to fisherman hats and tie-dye shirts, long hair and dreadlocks to brightly coloured braids and bunches. Often seen hanging out by the dance tent, these guys are there for the beats… they might not be the first ones to arrive, but we guarantee they’ll be the last ones to leave!

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The over preparer

Battling all the elements, you’ll find them armed with wellies and flip flops, ponchos and sunglasses – not brought a high enough factor suncream with you? Not a problem, this festival goer has the lot, AND yes, they even brought the aftersun too. With all the latest gadgets from a Shewee to a solar powered shower, they’ve memorised the festival site map by heart, and can tell you what band is playing at what time and on which stage. This festival goer is a must have for any friendship group.

The selfie addict

Snapchatting their way through the night, and pouting like their life depended on it, this person is often found seeking out the best lighting, the coolest most Instagrammable photo backdrop and chasing minor celebs to have their photo taken with. They are all about the gram – and tend to spend most of their night documenting it for everyone else to see, rather than actually experiencing it themselves.

The mega fan

Adorned with the t-shirt of their favourite band and most likely to spend half their day reserving their spot at the front of the crowd – this fan will travel for miles to see their favourite musos play. Despite knowing all the words to every song, they’ll spend the entire concert miming the lyrics throwing shade to the person next to them drunkenly slurring their way through the set. After the gig is over? They’ll be by the tour bus waiting to catch a glimpse of their beloved idols.

The guy in the morph suit

How does he do it? Nobody knows. Why does he do it? Again, nobody knows. Are we glad he did it? Yes, because we all went and got our photo taken with him. From the block colour morph suit to the England flag and Ironman – whatever the pattern, there’s always one. This guy can often be found appearing in everyone’s photographs, taking long amounts of time getting undressed to go to the toilet and only coming up for air when he needs to drink some of his pint.