Six reasons why it’s good to start them young!

Whether to take your child to a music festival is an ongoing debate that provokes mixed views among parents. While exposure to music is fantastic, navigating the big crowds with your little ones can often be daunting.

We think festivals are a great space for families, especially when geared towards the right audience (like our Family Festival Sundays!), still don’t believe us? Here’s our six reasons why!

It’s good to be around music!

Research has shown that exposure to different stimuli (sights, sounds, smells) can help develop young children and babies’ neural networks and music can act as a stimulus to “wire up” the brain more rapidly – speeding up a child’s mental development.

Top tip: When visiting a festival with a baby or young child you may need to be mindful of the volume of the music. Don’t get too close to audio equipment, and maybe even invest in a pair of ear defenders.

It’s good to get social!

Music festivals are a great place to interact with other people and introduce children to crowds in a relaxed and safe environment. Festivals help children learn about the world around them, watching the sights and sounds, while running, jumping and playing with other kids.

Top tip: In big crowds, make sure you establish a safe point to meet your child should you get separated. Speak to the organisers to see if they have a lost child ‘meeting point’, and make your child is aware of who the festival staff are, should they get lost.

It’s good for coordination!

By dancing to the beat, or clapping along, even stomping your feet to the rhythm of a song, you can help develop your child’s motor skills and their general coordination.

Top tip: Try and turn this into a game with your child, see if they can tap out the beat, do it together and encourage them to feel the music – as well as listen to it!

It’s good for food!

Festivals are full of delicious tasty treats, and often some very healthy ones too. Take this as an opportunity to teach your child about different types of cuisines and encourage them to try your food, maybe even mix and match your dishes as a family!

Top tip: If you have little ones that need to snack often – check before you head to a festival what their policy is on taking food on site. It’s worth seeing if they have a FAQs page on their website – this will also be where you can find their policy on food allergies too. Click here to see our FAQs page.

It’s good value for money!

Many festivals charge a small fee for child entry, and in our case the £2.50 Time Off Festivals charges per child goes to charity! With so much to see and do throughout the day, from live music to face painters and silent discos, festivals are great value for money.

Top tip: Check if your festival provider offers any deals with local mummy bloggers, and check the website see whether they offer deals on family tickets. See more information on our ticket prices here.

It’s good for families!

Music strengthens the bonds of trust and communication between adults and kids and taking your child to a festival can help encourage their self-expression and confidence. Put simply, music is fun for both adults and children alike!

Top tip: Sit back, relax and enjoy having some quality time off with your family.