The 2020 Breakthrough DJ Competition is now well into Round 2, so we’ve decided to catch up with each of the Top 16 to learn a little more about them 👀 We’ll be speaking with all of the Top 16 in the coming days.

Up next is Reece Edwards from West London. An early mix in the competition, he’s secured a steady position in the Top 16 with a solid mix.

Hi Reece, well done for making the Top 16!

So first, introduce yourself?

I was influenced to start DJing house music due to my Mum being a hardcore raver while I was growing up. I’ve now started producing my own music and I’ve managed to get an EP signed to a label. 

We love hearing how people became inspired to DJ, especially when they’re into house music! What’s your favourite track right now?

Hypnagogic by Calvin Harris and Tech Regenerator. It’s a new song that has all the elements of an old skool house vibe, I absolutely love the piano in it, it makes me want to be in Ibiza. 

Cool, so how long have you been behind the decks? Biggest claim to fame?

Since 2016. I entered a competition to see Marvin Humes at a house party he held in London and from that he’s invited me to go along to other events he’s held. Also I found out not too long ago my cousin is the legendary old skool artist Shola Ama! 

That’s pretty cool. We’d like to know who each of you aspire to?

Fisher for his energy, Solardo for their choice of music and how good they are as DJs. 

All three of them love a party!! So, if you could play at any party or venue, where would it be?

That’s a tricky one, there’s a lot to choose from. Love to play a set at elrow or a night in Hi Ibiza. 

Very worthy choices, no doubt. Last question: what’s your opinion on phones on the dancefloor?

If it’s to video me DJing and showing my talent that I couldn’t capture on my phone then I have no issues as social media is so big and important to this industry.