The 2020 Breakthrough DJ Competition is now well into Round 2, so we’ve decided to catch up with each of the Top 16 to learn a little more about them 👀 We’ll be speaking with all of the Top 16 in the coming days.

FITZY was up there as one of the most popular mixes, we catch up with him next!

Hi FITZY, well done for making the Top 16! Your mix gathered a good deal of support, you were up there as one of the most popular mixes.

So first, introduce yourself?

I’m FITZY from Billericay Essex, I absolutely love DJing and the reaction I get from the crowds I play to. It gives me a buzz and there is nothing else that can give you a feeling like it. I have some new re-works and tunes I have been working on and hopefully be able to put them in some of my sets if I go through to the next stage. 

Nice answer! Tell us your favourite genre to play and your favourite track right now?

House music – old school is the best. So many to choose from, one that always makes me smile is The Glow of Love by Change and Luther Vandross.

That’s different, nice one, so how long have you been behind the decks? Biggest claim to fame?

Nine years (but two years being good). Have to be Nic Fanciulli.

Decent! We’d like to know who each of you aspire to?

I take lots of inspiration from many different DJ’s such as Norman Cook, Carl Cox, Todd Terry and Alex P, but I do try to put my own passion throughout my sets so that it’s a unique vibe. 

That’s definitely key to making your mark. So, if you could play at any party or venue, where would it be?

Venue would have to be probably Printworks or Hi Ibiza, and I would love to play a Clockwork or Centreforce party.

Great answer. Last question: what’s your opinion on phones on the dancefloor?

To be honest I hate mobile phones on the dance floor as I believe it ruins the energy of the music and the dancing, however, keeping up with social media now days is very important for DJ’s and if a video of your set goes viral then it boosts your status massively. So there are pros and cons, however I would rather a better crowd of dancing ravers than stick insects.