The 2020 Breakthrough DJ Competition is now well into Round 2, so we’ve decided to catch up with each of the Top 16 to learn a little more about them 👀 We’ll be speaking with all of the Top 16 in the coming days.

One of the last to join the competition was Lewis Fernandes who pleased all of the judges with his mix.

Hi Lewis, well done for making the Top 16! Your mix was an all round pleaser with our judging panel, so well done!

So first, introduce yourself?

I’m a young aspiring DJ who has only been mixing for 6-7 months. I have fallen in love with the hobby, and would like to make it more than just a hobby. I’m from Farnham Common which is located in Buckinghamshire, and I would really like to bring the tech house genre to my location as DnB is the most popular music in my area.

DnB is certainly gaining popularity in recent years, but we still love house music too! Tell us your favourite track right now?

My favourite track currently is Max Chapman – Feels So Good. I always seem to feature a lot of his tracks, and this one in particular stands out to be a song which will be a summer hit.

Cool, so how long have you been behind the decks? Biggest claim to fame?

I turned 18 last September and decided to buy my first ever DJ decks. Since then I’ve been addicted and have fallen in love with the culture. Unfortunately, I haven’t met many big DJ’s but I have attended many sets, as well as big clubs such as Studio 338, Ministry of Sound and E1.

It’s great you’ve made it through to the next round then, some motivation. We’d like to know who each of you aspire to?

Michael Bibi is definitely my number one idol as I find his music choice to be very similar to mine, and his mixes always seem to impress me. 

We’re big fans of Bibi too. So, if you could play at any party or venue, where would it be?

My dream would be to play at Amnesia in Ibiza as I see it as a pinnacle place for the house genre. 

It’s great to aim for a goal! Last question: what’s your opinion on phones on the dancefloor?

I can see why people use phones on the dancefloor as it allows them to capture certain moments which may never be seen again, however people should appreciate the music being played and live in the moment.