The 2020 Breakthrough DJ Competition is now well into Round 2, so we’ve decided to catch up with each of the Top 16 to learn a little more about them 👀 We’ll be speaking with all of the Top 16 in the coming days.

Last but not least, we catch up with Hayden Lowry, with a nice selection of tracks and good sound.

Hi Hayden, well done for making the Top 16! The judges really like your sound and selection of tracks, so well done for that.

So first, introduce yourself?

I’m a 21 year old self taught DJ, from Witham Essex. I was raised on a range of music, anything from the Specials to Frankie Knuckles. It’s my aspiration to one day play my own sounds to thousands of people all over the world, and inspire upcoming artists such as myself to begin their own journey in this beautiful industry.

One step closer with this DJ competition! Tell us your favourite genre to play and your favourite track right now?

Favourite genre to play has to be deep/minimal, but I also enjoy playing all things tech house. My favourite track right now is Mateo Dufours remix of Consenza – SixtyEight. The whole track is incredible but there’s something about the melody being set just off beat that gives it this special sounding groove. 

Nice, we’ll give it a listen, so how long have you been behind the decks? Biggest claim to fame?

I started to teach myself how to DJ around June last year so I’ve been DJing now for about 10 months. I’m yet to play live, with my first set scheduled for April 2020 being postponed due to the covid-19 situation. My closest claim to fame has been the times that I have luckily got the chance to meet several DJ’s on the dancefloor, these include ANOTR, Chris Stussy, and Richy Ahmed. 

Nice! We’d like to know who each of you aspire to?

I cannot pinpoint my aspiration down to one artist, so I’d like to say two. First being Jamie Jones, this is due to his incredible career accomplishments. From DJ/producer to record label owner, to then hosting parties all over the world. Second being Chris Stussy, the sound he creates is so original and fresh, combining old school with new deep grooves. 

Jamie Jones has been a popular choice here! So, if you could play at any party or venue, where would it be?

Octan, previously known as Sankey’s basement, in Ibiza. This is due to their phenomenal sound system. 

Last question: what’s your opinion on phones on the dancefloor?

Phones enable artists to receive free promotion as well as giving the audience physical memories to hold onto and share. However as an artist personally, I would prefer personal engagement from the audience throughout my set as phones on the dancefloor can disrupt the connection between the DJ and the ravers.