Ever wondered what it takes to deliver a music festival? Today we give you an insight into the team behind Time Off Festival.

Garry – Events Management

Garry is the Events Manager for Time Off and one of the founding team members, having worked for the brand since Autumn 2018. Although this years Festival is a one day event, it needs to project the dynamics and passion of House Music, comprising of three stages – and will bring some of the best DJ Acts and Producers to a large greenfield site.

Garry’s work surrounds many partnerships and relationships that are key to creating, building, delivering and safeguarding an event like this. This involves specialist businesses including ticketing, security, medical services, food and drink supply, production, staffing, structures, site facilities and infrastructure – and the list just keeps on going!

Events like these need much in the way of licensing, event management plans, health and safety requirements and traffic and transport structures – once again, it’s Garry who shoulders this burden for Time Off. Having done the same for the three festival events we delivered in 2019, he should know what to do by now!?

Garry was responsible for organising the string of great Club Events we had arranged at the start of the 2020 (4 cancelled due to lockdown) featuring some notorious DJ’s, and is also the driving force behind our weekly two hour Live Streams – which captures a large House Music audience which is ever growing.

So this is what Garry had to say about this hectic role:

“I have experienced an amazing journey over the past two years, organising events of scale and quality; something that was all new to me. There is always so much to do in terms of putting on the show, meaning I don’t normally get as much time as I would like to take in the acts and the great atmosphere on the day – often missing the fruits of our labour! I am lucky to work within a great team at Time Off, which makes my role and all of its challenges all the more enjoyable.”

Max – Digital Marketing

Max left school at the end of Year 12 with a burning ambition to move into a rewarding role that combined what he was studying (Business and Media) with the opportunity to learn about modern business – and the science of digital marketing and sales. Time Off were able to offer him a comprehensive Apprenticeship – and one year on, it has worked out well for both parties.

Max now manages our Social Media, which includes our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube channels. He leads the thinking around routine posts, but also helps with campaign planning and ideas generating event awareness, customer engagement, event promotion and ticket sales. He manages the budgetary spend with an eye on effectiveness and as a result of his role, spends a lot of time in Photoshop and Video Editing platforms.

From a Marketing perspective, Max also contributes to art direction, our ‘tone of voice’, understanding and hitting different demographics and just plain ‘trying some new things’. He is responsible for reporting and presenting statistics on all the above and is also the man behind our Live Stream production.

So in a year that has seen him move from seventeen year old full time student, to an eighteen year old established employee – how has it been for Max?

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Time Off Festivals this year, learning a huge amount about marketing and media – things I have only studied in theory before now. Every day I focus on promoting the brand, advertising the event and selling tickets which is a tough job! I know the reward at the end will be well worth it, the team cannot wait to see thousands of people party, it’s going to be an amazing festival!” 

Mark – Platforms & Promotions

Mark is the newest member of the Time Off team, having recently graduated from Bournemouth Uni with an Events Degree and experience in a mix of roles at Clubs and Festivals, from operations to promotions – and everything in between.

Marks focusses on promotions and manages our 2020 Breakthrough DJ Competition, including being the ‘promoters representative’ on the Time Off Judging Panel. Recently he’s been working with our Web Development Team to give the website a makeover, adding extra content for you all to enjoy.

Mark also manages our wider online presence (assisting Max with Social Media) as we find ourselves growing into new platforms nearly every week! Have you followed our festival playlist on Spotify yet, watched our Live Streams on Youtube, seen content on TikTok or seen what we’re up to on LinkedIn? In the coming months you are likely to find Mark out and about ‘repping’ the Time Off Festival, with a few creative ideas up his sleeve…

We asked Mark for his comments after doing so much in a short period of time:

“Don’t be fooled into thinking that Time Off Festival is new to the scene! No local promoters have brought a lineup this big to the area and we’re only just getting started. The festival site will be kitted out as a Tropical Forest, with top quality production and a few surprises for those with a beady eye, so join the movement and snap up a ticket to what genuinely promises to be the biggest House Music in Surrey!” 

Tracy – Accounts and more…

Tracy has watched the business grow from inception and lent her own bookkeeping and management accounting experience from the off. She is a part-time member of the team, but a great supporter of the brand and is the one that makes sure we keep on top of the numbers and that our valuable partners are paid and looked after.

Her secondary role is also important and just plain stops us ‘getting out of control’! In a business that includes the passion of music, the buzz of large crowds and the dizzy expanse of digital reach, she is often the voice of reason – making sure that even the best ideas match with our underlying plans. Sounds like she is a killjoy – but in her own bright and supportive way, she keeps Time Off focussed on delivering the best things possible, by avoiding dilution and distraction.

And this is her version of events:

“The office environment is fun to be in but chasing receipts and feedback on spend is not quite so entertaining – but they know who the boss is. As we approach each big event things go crazy in terms of payments, invoicing, logistics and activity. My role focusses on capturing what we need to – but I wouldn’t miss working at the Festival for the world”.

Mark – Director and Founder

Mark is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur and executive. As a founder, he has developed a new passion for creating and developing Time Off amidst the super competitive world of Festivals and established Music Brands. Never one to turn away from a challenge, he is the driving force in forging a path for the business and its activities, to achieve independence and commercial success.

Mark is very active within the business and contributes his thoughts and ideas across the board, whilst allowing the team to have ownership and direction in the areas they are responsible for. He is responsible for Artists (Festival, Club and Live Stream) and is steadily building an extensive network of contacts with artists agents and management teams.

He has experience in growing and nurturing customer databases and often examines our actions and activities from a ‘customers viewpoint’. Mark leads the way with the direction and strategy of the business and is already preparing new projects and ventures, which includes taking the brand elsewhere around the globe to achieve success!

His thoughts on Time Off Festivals and The Team:

“This is hard, great, challenging and enjoyable in equal measures! We have not started in the most common place by building a small music brand and then using that to promote events – however, we are determined to achieve success with both and are super busy with how we shape and achieve that moving forwards. We have a small, committed, passionate team who are helping Time Off to navigate the ever changing world of technology and the buying habits and patterns of our target audience – and I really enjoy learning and working with them. My last words are simple – ‘buy a ticket’, I can assure you, we will deliver super value for money, top level entertainment and leave you feeling happy.”