All event tickets can be bought at a pre-event discount on our website at

Where we have availability, you can buy tickets ‘at the gate’, which will normally be charged at full day admission rates.

We’ve teamed up with TicketCo to sell our tickets – by downloading the App, you can also benefit from being ‘cashless’ at the festival.

At Time Off Festivals we want to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, so we have teamed up with TicketCo to provide a cashless way to buy both food and beverages.

Our ‘Top Up Team’ will accept cash and credit card payments on the day, converting them to credit either your TicketCo Wallet (download freely available) or an event specific TicketCo Cashless Card.

For the fastest way to buy any food and drink – download the TicketCo Wallet prior to the event, set yourself up – and enjoy your evening with your pals!

It’s easy to set up. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to download and get started on the App.

Download the app. Head to on your mobile to get started…

Once you have downloaded, put in your credit/debit card details to complete your profile…

Add as much or as little as you like and enjoy being ‘cashless’ at our Time Off Festival!

Tap ‘cashless’ on the App and find Time Off Festivals…

Choose how much you would like to top up (repeat as many times as you like).

On the App, click USE and it will display a unique QR code. Show the QR code to the serving staff, when buying food or drinks….

All receipts are saved on the app so it is easy to monitor your spend.

As this event is ‘cashless’ there will not be any cash points on site. There will be a dedicated Team to convert any cash you wish to spend, to a ‘cashless credit’ – for no charge.

Tiered pricing is a great incentive for you to get your tickets early – the earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are! That aside, all classes of admission ticket are the same. The tickets with the biggest discount, will only be available in limited numbers.

All ticket holders will get the same access on the days which they are purchased for.

Time Off Festivals offers a 3-Day weekend, with each day offering different music genres:

One day of world class DJs and pumping Dance Music. Another with great Live Bands, delivering Soul, Rock and Rhythm & Blues. A third providing a family festival feel with entertainment for all ages.

If you want to come to all three, there’s nothing stopping you buying one ticket per day and spending the whole weekend with us!

Time Off Festivals is not offering camping as part of our events, so feel free to head home and spend the night in the comfort of your own bed!

Children under the age of 16 are welcome at our Family Days, our DJ nights and Saturday nights are for those aged 16 and over. Anyone under the age of 18 however must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and our bars will be operating a challenge 25 policy.

There is no seating but we do encourage you to bring a picnic blanket to make yourself feel comfortable!

It is not permitted to bring any food or drink onto the Festival site, with the exception of baby food and any special dietary requirements, which must be in a plastic container as we are a no glass site.

In the case of any specific dietary requirements, you may need to answer questions from our friendly regulated security team on the gate, when bags will be searched for safety and security reasons. A full array of festival food and snacks will be available to purchase on site.

We will not be providing transport to the event, but there are plenty of options for public transport via bus, train or taxi.

Parking is dependent on the venue, please contact us at to find out more.

We are only able to accommodate Guide Dogs at Time Off Festivals.

Opening times vary dependent on where the event is and what day the event is.

Friday and Saturday the events will run from 2pm until 11pm. Our Family Day on Sunday will run from Midday until 8pm.

For our event in Beckenham we will have a slight adjustment to the event hours – please refer to the website tickets for more information.

Please note that Food Vendors and the Bar will be serving from the event opening times, but you can expect them to cease trading half an hour before the end of the event.

We will have disabled access and disabled toilet facilities, but logistics may vary depending on the venue. For more information please contact us at

Please note: As this is a private event, any photos and videos taken by our production team on site at the festival will be used as part of our event promotion, please contact us at if you do not want your image to be used.


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