Ticket info...
  • Where can I get tickets?
  • All tickets are available via our primary ticket agent Skiddle, at our website timeofffestivals.co.uk/tickets

  • Are there any age limits?
  • This is a 16+ Event and we welcome Festival Goers between 16 and 17 years old and will admit them, subject to the inspection of credible and
    acceptable ID. They will be issued with a ‘Young Adult’ wristband. This will prohibit the purchase of alcohol.

    18+ Adults will receive ‘Adult Wristbands’ without any broad restrictions. However, we reserve the right to check any personal ID at the point of
    admission. We will be operating a ‘Challenge 25 Policy’ at all Bars.

  • How will I get my tickets?
  • Tickets will be sent from Skiddle via email. RapidScan tickets purchased through Skiddle don’t have to be printed out. Simply download the Skiddle App on your mobile device; and your tickets can be scanned directly from there. You can also add your ticket to your Apple wallet or download the PDF to your device.

  • What does a vip ticket include?
  • Fastrack Entry to the Festival. Access to the Adult-only VIP Marquee, where you can enjoy the exclusive VIP Bar and relax amidst the Tables and
    Chairs, with a fantastic view of the Main Stage. You will share ‘Posh Loos’ and take part in a free, Backstage Stage Tour draw!

  • How do ticket releases work?
  • Time Off will be selling their range of tickets, via a series of ‘Releases’. Those who act first, will seize the opportunity to buy tickets with a
    discount applied.

  • Can I buy tickets on the door?
  • Yes – depending on availability! We have a limited number of 16-17 and VIP Tickets on sale, proportionately. If any ticket type is sold-out prior to
    the event, we will disable purchase on-line and inform the public…

  • Are tickets refundable?
  • Purchased tickets are non-refundable. Skiddle have a ‘re-sell tickets’ option – if you are interested, head to www.skiddle.com/orders and select ‘Request ticket resale.

Event info...
  • When does the event open and close?
  • The Festival Site will open at 2 pm. It will close again at 11 pm.

    Last entry will be 9.45 pm.

  • Where is the festival site?
  • At East Bysshe Showground, Eastbourne Road (A22), Newchapel, Surrey, RH7 6LF

    Nearest notable towns are Lingfield, East Grinstead and Crawley…

  • Is there any transport to the event?
  • We will be running shuttle coaches ‘on a loop’ between local train stations (to be confirmed), between the hours of 1 pm and 12 pm

  • Is there parking at the event?
  • There is ample free parking, directly adjacent to the Festival site. We would advise you not to leave vehicles unattended overnight, following
    the Festival event.

  • Is there disabled access and facilities?
  • There will be disabled access and disabled toilets available. Like us, please consider the variable UK weather conditions as you prepare to
    attend the event.

  • How does this ‘cashless festival event’ work?
  • We are partnered with TicketCo to provide a safe and secure, ‘cashless’ way to buy food, beverages and other items. Once ‘on-site’ it is not
    possible to pay for anything with cash, or by direct credit/debit card transaction.

    The best way to make purchases is to use the TicketCo Wallet, which is an App widely available on both I-Phone and Android devices. It
    allows you to load credit on your phone (via credit/debit card) before you go – and ‘top up’ using the same, whilst you are at the event. Any
    funds credited to your TicketCo Wallet that remain unspent after the event closes, will be refunded to you in full, within seven days.

    Separately you can exchange cash or use credit/debit cards on-site, to load a personal TicketCo Cashless Card. Our ‘Credit Teams’ will
    accept cash and credit/debit card payments on the day, converting them to credit your Cashless Card (or your TicketCo Wallet!), so that
    you can wander free and make the purchases you want. Please note that unspent credit on these Cashless Cards will not be refunded
    after the event – so please load/use them responsibly.

    NB – The TicketCo Wallet App is easy to set up:

    Download the App…

    Once downloaded, put in your credit/debit card details to complete your Profile…

    Then add as much or as little as you like at any stage – and enjoy the efficiency and safety of being ‘cashless’ at our Festival!

  • Are there atm’s on site?
  • There will be no ATM’s or cash available on site.

Attendance & access...
  • Can I leave and re-enter the site?
  • Yes, as long as you have retained your original wristband. All festival goers that are re-entering, will be subject to our normal security checks.
    We have a strict policy of not allowing any drinks to be removed from the festival site. You will be requested to leave all drinks at the gate upon

  • Do I need id?
  • Yes. All bars will operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy. You will be ID checked by one of our Security Team (at the entrance) in order to be served
    alcohol. All bars will reserve the right to refuse sale of alcohol to anyone unable to show valid Photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID are as follows:
    Valid Passport, Drivers Licence and/or PASS Card.

  • Can we bring food or drink to the event?
  • No. We regret no food or drink can be brought into the Festival, with the exception of special dietary requirements. As part of our security
    screening, bags and large items will be searched upon entry.

  • Can we bring pets or animals?
  • No – with the exception of Guide Dogs. The event and site is generally unsuitable for animals.

  • What is your policy on drugs?
  • We operate a zero-tolerance policy to the possession and/or use of recreational drugs to include (not intended to be exhaustive) cannabis,
    stimulants and Nitrous Oxide canisters.

Site updates...
  • What food and drink will be available?
  • There will be a wide variety of local Food Vendors selling a large range of hot & cold meals, snacks and refreshments. Enough fuel to keep
    you dancing!

    We will have several large Bar sites, serving Ale, Lager, Cider, Wines, Spirits, Mixers, Soft Drinks and Shots. Chance to refresh yourself and
    lift your spirits?

  • Will there be seating available?
  • There is seating in the VIP Area, however not across the Festival site in general. You are very welcome to bring your own small collapsible
    camping chairs and/or picnic blanket with you, but please remember to take them home too. No gazebos, windbreakers or tents please.

  • Is there any camping at the event?
  • No. However, for those that want to incorporate this into their weekend – we would recommend: Longacres Caravan and Camping Park
    (01342 833205) – which is less than 1 mile away from our Festival site.

Helpful hints...
  • How do I contact lost property?
  • We do keep items left/found at the festival for 14 Days after the event, should wish to claim them. The best way to contact us relating to
    lost property is via the Contact Form.

  • Where are the full terms and conditions?
  • Full terms and conditions can be found at Terms & Conditions

  • Dealing with the weather…
  • Its true to say that we have no control over the weather on the day of the Festival, or the prevailing conditions – however, we will be doing
    our utmost to ensure that you enjoy yourself and stay safe. Please check the upcoming and immediate weather forecasts prior to attending
    our Festival, so you have a good idea what the temperatures and weather are likely to be and prepare accordingly. By erring on the side of
    caution, you will maximise your enjoyment through comfort and durability. If weather conditions make the site and this event un-safe, the
    Organisers reserve the right to cancel it/clear the site at any stage.

  • Contacting us with queries…
  • If you have any further questions or queries, please email us at info@timeofffestivals.co.uk

  • Use of photography by time off festivals…
  • As this is a private event, any photos and videos taken by our Production Team at the event, could be used as part of our future event promotions.


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