Time Off Festivals was born at the end of 2018 by a collective of entrepreneurs, keen to escape pressures of modern society and fixed schedules. Our idea was to deliver people vibrant events – focussed on those ‘raise your hands’ moments, that leave people lost in time for a while!

Not ones for waiting around we got on with the formalities and the Time Off brand was born. In 2019 we jumped into the deep end and presented no less than 8 Festival days – exploring Dance Music, Live Bands and Family Days. We entertained over 5,000 people at Tonbridge Castle, Croydon Rec in Beckenham and a Showground In Lingfield, Surrey. We were blown away by the energy and stamina of those at the Dance Music events, so it was clear which direction we were heading in for 2020, with the support of our newfound Time Off Family…

Our Team grew to plan and deliver a 10,000 capacity dance music festival at East Bysshe Showground in Newchapel. Just as we were ready to go, COVID hit the nation and quashed our plans. Despite our best efforts, and a few reschedules, we were left with no option but to postpone…

Although this left us feeling gutted, we’re determined to make 2021 Festival even bigger and better than we had yet imagined. So check out our fantastic 2-Day Event, put the 3rd & 4th July 2021 into your diary – and buy your tickets here.

This is our story. Time Off is best spent with friends.


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