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Rogue Element

Appearing at:

Tonbridge Castle – 4th May: BUY TICKETS

Rogue Element are a SE London-based Experimental Funk/Rock/Hip-Hop/Reggae band performing original material that will have you dancing, jumping around and enjoying yourselves all night long!

The band are just over a year old… but all members are experienced pro and semi-pro with longstanding history in the UK music industry.

At present, Tony creates the band’s music with Zaph/Clive writing lyrics/vocals… many new tunes in the pipeline coming soon to augment the current set.

Tony/Guitar: Tony has history going back to the 80s with Mammoth and touring Europe with The Sweet twice in the early 1990s (Andy Scott/Mick Tucker/Jeff Brown/Steve Mann/Mal McNulty)… as well as others (including Otis Grand). Many years of playing guitar, bass, programming drums and a degree in Sound and Music Recording give Tony a strong grasp on the recording and composing process.

Ray /Bass: Ray Wright is a local powerhouse bass player, currently with four local bands and heavily influenced by a wide range of talented bassists such as Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott as well as Marcus Miller and a myriad of other virtuoso players. On hearing Rogue Element material on a small phone speaker, Ray knew instantly that he wanted to be a part of their high-energy musical future!

Birdogg/Vocals: Clive/Zaph/Birdogg has collaborated with a number of different music producers, including Jon Rolls, Diego Mancini and Matthias Garrick. He worked on The Motherland Album with musician and producer Harry Tarlton, as well as collaborations with Dan Reid from Rockstar Productions.

Alan T/Drums: Alan is a man of few words, letting his drumming do the talking! Alan has played drums semi-pro and professionally since he was in his early teens, starting off playing Irish music in the vibrant Working Men’s Clubs around the south of England. Alan has become a well-know and solid drummer on the local music scene, a small guy with a BIG sound!